technology love + good news

We love technology! Why? Because we can enjoy it! Because it can make bridges of communication, ease of life, creativity and enjoyment. We love it because thus we can sit here in our balcony as I type these lines, listen some tunes and enjoy the rain and the long expected cool wind which lingers on the branches of the tall and small trees, right in front of our eyes, and on our fits laying on the table.. So sweet!

And now the good news, actually the long expected good news: I quit my job finally, starting my way in web design again. I have some catching up to do as I’ve been diving in print almost exclusively lately. But I’m eager to catch up on web design and technology too for that matter.

Thus, I’m finally expending my wish list shopping list to more interesting stuff, like a Mac, a SLR digital camera, I’m thinking of Cannon 450D (for it’s cleaning system among others).. and others.. but all in time.

For now, we’ll start with a little vacation catching up :o)

3 thoughts on “technology love + good news

  1. So. Why did you quit? What will you do for money?

  2. Thank you!

    I almost started to think maybe the comments section is malfunctioning :o)

    That job was a bad career move, and I’ve had my fill with print, printers and unconventional management among other inconveniences. And I’d better live it to that.

    Now, like I said above, I’m starting a new beginning in web design.