me – sicko

Well, I had to write another post anyway, to end the one with my big picture on it.. people could start thinking of narcissism and trust me, it’s not the case.. I think.

Anyway, Friday morning to afternoon I started to feel worse and worse. Got home and in bed and woke up just to eat and cough again worse and worse.. until Saturday afternoon when I was starting to feel a little better.. Moni took such good care of me – I feel like a little brat. So went on the Sunday but coughing was still there and too strange to ignore or just go to work on Monday morning.

So we went to the doctor with many analyzes results that just happed to be fresh and the freshest one, the lungs (from this Friday morning) made it all clear (along with my coughing and my being -and I quote the doc. “sweet like a horse”):

I got the “classic flue” (said the doctor in spring of nostalgia) .. yeah, we came home and I was pretty much like Dee-Dee looking for her hankie in Dexter’s Laboratory.. nasty.. I started to worry about Moni, not to get her sick too, Monday she stood in with me but today she went to school and better that she did, less chances to get ill, gets fresh air and doesn’t miss the classes. Out of the two apartment-mates we have here, one – the girl from one room left town with business and I was glad cause she didn’t also have to put up with the noise of the coughing and out-spitting from the lungs and all that shit the doc. encouraged cause that’s how you heal it.. it’s horrible.. the prescription is some medicine along which some antibiotics that are like huge and shaped like a nuclear bomb or such, like semi split in two and on each half a number is beveled in, when I sip it it’s like launching a nuclear submarine in my stomach.

The coughing is nasty and unfortunately our other apartment-mate – from the other room next door has to put up with it. I got out of the room and saw him trough his as usually opened door seaming worried, now it might have been from the projects he’s working home for but I started imagining him asking himself either if I’m gonna survive (because of the heavy coughing), either if under the circumstances the thing could spread trough the walls as well..

I can’t wait to be healthy again.. and post sanely posts.

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