say it’s alright

After about a decade since i first heard it, I finally realized: but of course I can probably find it on Youtube.

I’ve been singing this song in this particular version in my mind so many times and even out loud, at one point to friends but couldn’t find it quite this version of it. I was so happy to have just found it and now I can tell you all: here it is! I don’t know if you’ve ever heard me going “bum-bu-baum-baum, bum.. yeah!” but this is where it was from! This is it!! :-D

Now that I’ve seen the actual clip I got so nostalgic.. it was back when I played lots of basketball in the school yard and anywhere there was game. Then Jordan was still playing for the Chicago Bulls and doing a great team with Scottie Pippen and Denis Rodman.. man they were unstoppable! It was so sweet. I woud stay up late to watch the playoffs and then Jordan’s last final for Chicago Bulls against Utah Jazzz. Not even “the mail man” couldn’t stop Jordan from literally his moment.. it ended at around 8 AM for our CE +2 GMT and after that I barely managed to get some sleep cause at 12 AM I was on the field shooting 3 pointers (for the kicks, most misses) and exchanging best plays and moves of the final..

I miss those times, I’m ashamed to say I haven’t played basketball for years, we bought a basketball last year but I’m not even sure where we’ve put it..

Re-edited: Just so you understand why I love the game so much, expecially the times of Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls, here’s this one more video found on Youtube (so sweet):


Re-Re-edited: I’m sorry, I could not help my self, so so cool!!


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