tiny meditation about love – 2015


letting any previous experience dissolve into an honest state of un-awareness.
i guess i’m a foul for love
of which it seems
that i know nothing of.
maybe someone will teach me,
maybe someone will learn *with me,
maybe it’s something i discover by my self…
but then would that not be an un-shared experience?
of all things, i have a feeling that
love is the one you can only learn as a shared experience,
but then i don’t know.

*makes more sense then to teach me

there are so many kinds of love, beyond this very intimate kind that brings the worm feeling of belonging, of home, of honest exploration of your abilities and intent…
love for family, for friends, for the world – nature in all or individual aspects of nature, of activities or art – culture – history – science – music – poetry, love for virtues like honesty and the serenity it conveys, love for the feeling of being understood and of the feeling of being useful, being needed, being good at what you do/being very good at something – anything sometimes, love for the feeling of successfully making a difference where it was needed the most – of turning someone’s situation for the better, love for dancing, love for seeing your dear ones smile and laugh, of discovering the world, love of solving a problem or a dilemma… love of making the most of it – of helping others to make the most of it, of helping others finally making something of anything, love for seeing people making the better choice spite of difficulties and temptations of all sorts (love of realising how subjective / relative the notion of “the better choice” is), love for perspectives discovered and understood, for understanding how something really works – or understanding what really happened (and love for realising incidentally that one can only observe and understand in the boundaries of own paradigms and love of understanding that perspectives are not set in stone and can be continuously improved), love for diversity and dynamic acknowledged and embraced (and love for realising there are moral/ethic thresholds that transcend this subjectiveness, just like love for realising how science transcends culture and becomes ethnocentric), love even for that unusual embrace which you so much needed but didn’t know how to express it when you felt the arms of someone you hold very dear for one maybe even awkward second. And the list goes on…