new world order


This is allowing myself to stray thoughts without direction:
So it starts from a small black (big bang though big it extended to this hugeness – while initially (far as we know) might have been just nothing (or if anyone says there was something – would have to explain where did that something come from…). So start from nothing to end in a greater nothing eventually (as theories say that all this something inevitably degrades in trillions and trillions of years).
So then one could say ok but why not first blue then green then red. Life as we know it started in waters then vegetation took everything all the way here and finally we humans kinda ruining all that as it seems… and that’s a good point… truth be told initially I just did it so as I guess it’s the order of my favourite colours, but though I could just change the HUE (it would be RGB after all), I’m leaving it like that because the story is far from over yet.. it feels we messed up so bad that the earlier times were (naturally) more diverse and well natural (thus the green) first, while now although more aware and to some extent more free and diverse (non naturally), water seems to be what awaits us – blue. Kinda like that movie with Kevin CostnerWater-world or something like that, though probably somewhere between that, Interstellar and Mad Max… we did mess up that bad it seems to me sometimes… though we do have a great capacity of good… I do still have my hopes on a world more like in Star Trek… I just get so saddens by the atrocities/ cruelties/ absurdities that happen about… the red at the end before the black…
But maybe start with red (big-bang) then green (raw nature) then blue (cognition and hopefully a more harmonious (co)habitation in/with nature which we’d be guardians of (kinda like the natives from Avatar). But it can be all colours, in stripes, in circles, cubes, just dots and lines or splashes and anything really… life is such.
But for now, we need a new world order, and some are pushing for it.

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