i and the UI history (second try)

The first thing I remember is, when I started the machine, I had gotten what was then for me a blank screen with a possible error. Thus I had a sudden feeling of guilt – as I might have broken it, and also because I think I had sneaked in the room to play with the computer too. So you can imagine the slight feeling of panic that came upon me at the moment. It was DOS.. And I had no idea what happened so I quickly turned it back off and left the room in silence.
The second time i was a bit smarter, I saw my brother type a command which made it all start and then appeared “Windows” .. So next time I tried: maybe the command is “windows”! No.. maybe “start windows”? ..no .. maybe “go windows” (i remembered something with an “o”) .. maybe .. oh, I gave up.
But the next time my brother turned it on i looked carefully to see what he did for the machine to work and saw it! “win.com”! And as I typed that command the third time, before me, on that 14″ full of colour 640×480 monitor I finally saw “Windows 3.1” – Yes! Victory!

i and the UI history

I had an attempt.. which got stumbled on lack of whatever.. it had good intentions.. I guess. I left the try beneath..

It started from this: (even more details then “Pirates of Silicon Valley” with add-ons from people behind the curtain)
Microsoft, Apple and XeroxThe History of the Graphical User Interface

I’ve started my PC experience with a 386 computer, with 1Mb of RAM a quarter of a Mb video on board, running Ms DOS and Windows 3.1
That computer was meant for my my brother who actually knew something about it and was starting high-school in a computer science oriented class. I wasn’t yet in my teens and knew pretty much no more English than okay, are you ok?, no, good or some language similarities like start, stop, button, install and maybe others.
Maybe I had heard about it or saw something on tv which at that time i have no idea how much I had understood, but there it was and so I’ve started to see and understand the hardware and software theory thing, the operating system thing. I’ve started to get into settings, installing, personalizing and strangely enough only later editing and later on starting to ponder about the creating part.