canon 40d

Looks like I’ve made a mistake in my $ 10,000 list. It might pass the titled sum, I’m not sure, I could make a compromise to restrain to the sum (if I had it ant nothing more).

The mistake was when I confused (somehow) the xD and xxD Canon cameras as which is semi-pro and which is entry-level. Looking at the 40D now it’s all much much clearer.

the $ 10,000 experiment

It started by mistake. At first I had my messenger status “give me $ 10,000” and realized people were evasive when I wanted to say hi. A friend had trouble with the status link not displaying and I told him to try mine (and gave it to him). At this point I realized: “wow, wouldn’t it be fun to see if I convince some friends to set the status as experiment off course and if they see it interesting and fun to convince other people. Now I’m curious how far will it get and how long will it last.

Is your status set? ” give him $10000 “

Edit – Now with busy options:

” Busy! – Give him $10000 “

” BRB! – Give him $10000 “

Edit2 – After aprox 4 – 5 hours:

Thak you all! It’s been fun and is cool to still see some of the status. I don’t have a big list and I can’t tell what happend outside it (if anything did). About 70 % of my available list had the status and that alonewas a cool feeling seeing then show up one by one, I thing I got 12 or 13 contacts in the list to se it.

ps. $ 10,000

Maybe the cartoons seamed silly in their first 2 minutes or so but it gets way better till the end, and the length is only 7 minutes or so, and got high rates at Youtube too, and it would really get you a close feeling of the ambiguity in the start of this quest of mine to get $10,000. :o)