bending the un-existing meaning

When you realise that meaning is there only because we put it there, you realize how much you actually control it, you can bend it as you realize that it doesn’t exist really, it doesn’t exist, it doesn’t exist, it doesn’t have to exist, it doesn’t have to please anyone, not me, nor you, nor anyone in particular. It exists because we needed it to make some sense of things, of our selfs, the world around us and of our existence in it.
It did help us a lot, took us a long way and we haven’t finished our journey; with science we’ve found a way to filter the foolish and destructive from the rational and the productive – the creative, the good from the bad… more notions we invented to make things more understandable and livable in the context of our limitation to relate to anything only by giving meaning. Also, of-course with science we’ve realized about how (much of) the world and cosmos works, what everything is made of… knowledge that is always added to, improved and corrected where necessary, knowledge which is what took us so far after all. And that’s good.
But it’s also important to realize the unreal-ness of the meanings we sometimes hold so keenly to, specially when, sometimes it can get overwhelming, out of control. Nothing needs meaning in order to exist, not animals, not plants, lands, waters, planets and suns, galaxies or the Universe. It’s brilliant I think how star stuff transforms into meaning, a construct of our restless, pondering minds, a beautiful and ugly at the same time work of our intellect.

Here’s a “cheers” to meaning and the ability to understand it, project it and let go of it at the same time.

PS. Sort of separate note. Some have, some have a lot, some have too much, some have a little, some barely have any, some don’t have at all (what ever is important for anyone, for any ones existence). But there’s another brilliant notion which actually is rather a behaviour which I think other animals have relealized too, that is SHARING. We can balance anything by realising and starting to do this… knowledge, wisdom, love, understanding, time, protection, money, food, ideas, solutions, lessons learned the hard or the easy way.

“You might say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”. It’s not a dream. It’s up to each of us, an option between which reality we each choose to live in.