while at Hemingway ~ Gin & Cocktail Bar in Barcelona

While here, a couple got carried away and wrote the following (playful) verses (Hemingway did some of those too):

A piña-colada donkey
and an absinthe-minded monkey,
were going up on a banana-ladder,
to exchange a black-piano key with a feather.
But then, the silence woke to the whisper of a ding-dong-bell…
and tranquillised all with the Hakuna-Matata song, this time sung by a bear,
and all sorts of animals joined, dancing in a holly way.
The piano key opened the door and the feather wrote the journey back home,
each encountering a touch of a new world –
recycled from the ashes of past ascendings…

PS. The drinks are swift and the whole place plays along.

PPS. An after-read in one go seems to give a reaction of… oooooK, moving on. So I guess it’s worth mentioning that we were slurping the cocktails and going each one verse at a time so, at the time, we really sunk in each verse for a while as we slowly progressed, infatuated by the Hemingway allure.