floating in life


Alături de starea din urma cursului de Istoria Artei, cu pictura olandeză din sec. XVII, mai ales Johannes Vermeer – felul în care vedeau și reprezentau pictorii lumea în tablourile lor de atunci, plus o stare măgulitore / poate naivă în urma a altceva ce s-a întămplat seara trecută… e parcă perfectă melodia pentru a vedea lumea așa cum părea să o vadă Pieter de Hooch de exemplu. Sunt atâtea detalii în jurul nostru în orice moment, fiecare om, fiecare gest, detaliu al luminii, al umbrelor, reflexiilor, texturilor, fulgii în lumina farurilor și a stâlpilor izbindu-se între ei în vânt și în viteză spulberăndu-se pe asfalt.

Dacă intro-ul de la The XX m-a făcut să văd totul la un nivel macro, ca un zoom out în contextul Cosmosului, coverul ăsta m-a adus la un nivel micro în care revăd o lume excepțională în toată vastitatea Cosmosului unde încă nu știm alta la fel ca ea să o arătăm cu degetul. What brilliant odds for Earth to get this lucky, and how awesome the possibility of these chances for other planets in similar circumstances. The cosmos walking about wondering about itself and pondering how come it came into being.

Life is brilliant!

PS. Nu știu ce versuri are defpt melodia după care e făcut coverul și fac abstracție de ele deoarece e doar instrumental : – )

opportunity as gaps in our lives


I keep listening to this song lately, it’s addictive. I realised a state of tranquility listening to it while on the road. Was looking at the clouds that seemed to be following me in my journey, and because they were static on my right side and the earth was rapidly moving underneath them and me, it gave an enhanced sensation of the earth’s rotation. I was suddenly realising the motion of the earth in that illusion of actually seeing it spinning under the clouds and under me, as if I and the clouds were running against it’s spinning direction and were more standing in the same point in space while the earth was spinning underneath. And suddenly I had this image of the earth as this big round rock and an image of it spinning around the sun and all together spiralling trough the galaxy cluster, and with it also moving constantly in Cosmos.

Ever since, every-time I listen to this song, also at the office, I keep recalling that image and feeling that way and as a reflex I turn my head to the window and I can almost see the ground moving fast under the clouds which are sometimes barely catching up, other times speeding ahead. And I get in that feeling of being a passenger in a ride, on the road.

I though for a while, what an interesting state that is, on the road. Even if only on the bus for a few minutes commute. Seems like it’s a twilight zone, a space and time where we are letting go of one state.. relaxed perhaps at home, or focused at work. We’re leaving behind perhaps the comfortable bathroom-robe in which had been cleaning up the room while enjoying some jazzy, symphonic or hard rock music – whichever the personality or mood, almost dancing our way trough the room; and we’re taking on the business-suit or whatever other possibly less comfortable clothing might be expected of us where we’re going or whatever we imagine that it’s expected of us, some are even seeing it as putting up “a mask” or a different side of them-selves as they arrive and enter the destination.

So, on the road between the destinations, maybe we re-discover ourselves briefly, remember of other things not connected to where we just left or where we’re just going. Maybe we remember dues, maybe remember dreams, maybe remember loved ones or promises, and as we approach our destination we prepare ourselves for where we’re going, what ever there might be, what ever we expect, what ever others might expect of us, maybe looking forward, maybe hopping for a fast finish, maybe with sorrow, maybe with butterflies in our stomach…

It seems like little gaps in our lives where we have the chance to still choose if we really want to leave the place we left or if we really want to go in the direction we are heading, or an opportunity to ask ourselves “where would I rather this ride to take me?”