while quietly at a jam session

These are from a bit earlier – few years ago, while sitting in a ‘broken chair’, with a broken attitude and too insecure to say anything. It was at one of the Jam sessions from Zug – a location where the German cultural institute from Cluj Napoca was organizing such events. Some lyrics are silly and some cheesy but i guess that’s what you get sometimes.

the __ man!
i hope you understand
that he’ll do what he can,
he might have failed his last plan
but he’ll be around and then,
oh, wait, here he is now trying again

—//below is written whilst sitting in a damaged / crooked chair, passively… so don’t have expectations from this one… the others are more interesting – I’d say.

(I’m just) Sitting here
on this broken chair
Nothing seems more fair
I swear

It’s all happening so fast
Speeding up into the past

You better beware
And not stare

Just Sitting here
on this broken chair
Nothing seems more fair
I’m not going anywhere
There are good vibes in the air

So/maybe i’ll just sit back down and stare
At you lovely people


So i met this girl from mars
In June,
She liked to dance her way through stars
In the middle of the afternoon,
And soon

She’d be waltzing ‘around my arm
and then, maaan,
I could never understand,
she’d be casting off her charm
Through the nebulas
All the way – way back to mars
Just dancing through the stars…

It seems…,
I might hurry back home to meet her again,
In my dreams.

–//this next one might be from another time, not sure.. i had a side-note to it: ‘sometimes things need a kickstart’

The night passes by
it’s so awesome outside
but you feel I’m keeping you in
and wonder why I still don’t say anything
then I reach for the door
you look at me upset as I leave
and you promise yourself you’ll never see me again
and then
i come back with a grin
and reach for your hand
and somehow you understand
and we go out in our fairy land
passing under the busy stars
incognito underneath the blinding streetlights
passing by the speeding cars
eclipsed by the sparkles in your eyes
passing by the people and the trees
distracting them with our smiles and the perks of our holding hands
they smile back and say hello and nudge their heads as they understand

nos alive

I think I imagined it as a song, while at a music festival a few years ago, when we begun.

Your fingertips are tracing
shivers down my spine,
bless your mind.

People are sitting quietly in the sun
drifting in the song that has just begun,
docile and curious of what they’ll find.

The rays keep on reflecting from the sound
bouncing up and down on the ground,
We’re jumping leaps, skipping beats
and making Mary-go-rounds.

The lesser the space – the friendlier the face
in which you accidentally bump:
a smile, a hello, a bow and maybe a pirouette
because it’s wiser like that. 
And we all know that’s a fact,
ready to pledge our oath –
pinky promise and kiss a goat.

late, longer fortune non-cookie

This comes as an addition to the previous, older post, my fortune non-cookies – from some time 2013

It’s often important, before you dish someone or something, to be patient to “see how things unfold”, but that doesn’t mean being distant and not caring or continuing your part to the unfolding – it doesn’t mean that you’re not part of/ not affecting the unfolding. Though it’s not necessarily mandatory that you’re part of it, if it came to be said – you probably are.