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I know you all probably know of this song and clip, actually I think I’ve seen the clip on Discovery myself but forgot about it (no Tv but occasionally for years now), but as I rediscovered it at i just had to share it and make it personal, here it is. (At is another version of it.)

Watch out!

Mr. Genndy Tartakovsky, I know you’re probably busy with Iron Man II, and/or other things too, but we’re looking forward too see Jack again.

Love your creation! But please complete it.

All the best,
huge fans.


Ellen LuptonD. I. Y. Design It Yourself lecture (2006, University of Arizona)

“[..] one of the things we learn about typographic rules, that you learn the rules and you understand the why behind them, and once in a while you find that it’s OK to brake them, but you brake them from a position of knowledge, not ignorance.”

I think we can all agree that this is true not just for typography, but all other aspects of design and usability, not just letters (with font faces, heights, wights, so on) but also the actual text / paragraphs (with alignment, line – letter or paragraph spacing and so on) or other spacing, dividing, aligning, sizing of composition elements that make symmetry and/or actual sense by contrasting with height or weight on a greed or with color.

Such rules imply indeed symmetry and/or consistence and avoidance of clutter of elements (not just physical elements like paragraphs of graphic elements but also clutter of font types or colors. Why are these bad? The purpose for avoiding these is one of the main and most important objectives in a good design, that is clarity and ease of accessibility of the actual information that the content brings.

Here is Ellen Lupton’s “Thinking With Type” dedicated site, and below is the lecture from which I extracted the quote.


He has a flowering spade
Growing out of his chest
Full of magic and healing
She is a flowering spade
As she moves and she sways
You can see that she feels it

She’s off to dance with the goat boys
He’s of to sail through your wide open ocean
She learned to sing from a siren
He learned to swim from a drop in the water

There are words there are signs
Close your eyes there is magic inside you
Hear this box in your mind
building frames for to trace your desires

She learned to cook from a sailor
He learned to cry in an elephant circus
She found a recipe for flying
He’s growing flowers to understand dying

Oh ma na na…

tough choice

Although I still don’t have the $10,000, this would be a tough choice. But if I had them, I’d expect a new MacBook Pro announced at the MacWorld. The ups and downs that come in comparison are marked: ups with green, downs with red.

More details about the three at: MacBookPro17″ , newMacBookPro , Sony WAYO WA .

  MackBookPro 17"
(not updated)
MackBookPro 15.4" (updated edition) Sony WAYO
AW 18.4"
Intel Core2Duo 2.5GHz
Intel Core2Duo 2.53GHz
Intel Core2Duo 2.53GHz
OSX – Leopard
OSX – Leopard
Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit
(1920 x 1200)
(1440 x 900)
NVIDIA GeForce 8600M 512MB GDDR
NVIDIA GeForce 9600M 512MB GDDR3 shared
NVIDIA 512MB dedicated VRAM
4Gb (667MHz) DDR2
4Gb (1066MHz) DDR3
4Gb (800MHz) DDR2
320 GB SATA (7200 rpm)
320 GB SATA (7200 rpm)
320 GB SATA (7200 rpm)
SuperDrive 8x (DVD±R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)
SuperDrive 8x (DVD±R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)
Blu-ray Disc Read Only Drive
Bluetooth 2.1
Gigabit Ethernet
FireWire 400

FireWire 800
Three USB 2.0
Bluetooth 2.1
Gigabit Ethernet

FireWire 800
Two USB 2.0
Bluetooth 2.1
Gigabit Ethernet
Three USB 2.0
iSight (webcam)
MagSafe plug
iSight (webcam)

MagSafe plug
Card Readers
TV Tuner

1.5 up to 3.5 hours
Final Cut Express
Final Cut Express
Office basic ’07
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

just do it!

Remember my 10.000 $ experiment with toy messenger status? Well, here’s something worth the experiment. Have a look at “The Story of Stuff“.

What you can do, and my proposal to you as more then just an experiment is to spread the word. Sure the statistics and heavy stuff is the US, but we all could use a reminder ourselves and yet actually some more then we realize.

The status ca go like:

Do you konw the story of stuff?


BRB! But remember

Is your Y! status set?

Have a look

And so on.. So is your status set?


confession – poetry?

I used to write like.. poetry stuff when I was in high-school.. in English.. Yeah, I know it sounds wicked but I did.. burned them though after finishing high-school – i know, dramatic, I roll that way it seems. Kept only one that I had send to a site

I don’t remember exactly, but I think it was like a contest to get your poetry published in a compilation named “The sound of poetry”. So, the way I got to keep it was that they had send a letter back to me with the poem asking me to approve to publish it by sending it back with any corrections. But I didn’t send it.. for some reason.. Here it is.

No name, just a moment..
(by me – some time before or in 2001)

I got this peculiar feeling
A flea that eats a man
And sucks his blood
Until he’s all out of his gut
And eats and sucks until the flea is damned
And killed, just like a crush into the ceiling.

Black comes tending to take over
Above all white it starts to make a shadow
That scares my little angel at this hour
Feeling so alone and whit out power
To stab the evil in his heart he’s sent an arrow
With his last breath to save me from upon my shoulder.

Otherwise.. I guess lately I didn’t think of writing anything or expressing my self much, in such ways I mean. I guess the main reason for that is because at one point I started to listen music instead of just hearing it. I get so high when I find a song.. I’ll give you an example, the current most played in the list, the song is Yael Naim’s New soul. The one before this one is Semisonic’s Closing time, which is still among most played too – love the lyrics, they make such a difference, they influence a lot how I like or if I like a song.

thoughts on internet and life (edited)

The internet: so called “cloud” as i would like to call it “of all possibilities“. Sure there are some bad sides of it too. But from keeping in touch to getting information, making money and entertainment it never ceases to surprise me. You could call it Santa’s sack of information or a well oiled money making machine or (my favorite) “a bridge of communication“.

Although I find nifty the possible resources of entertainment on the internet, I personally mainly use it for keeping in touch – communicating, work and information. Unfortunately, most of the time, I can only keep in touch with my dearest and closest ones from the distance, this giving me the options: phone and Internet. Since the phone way is way more expensive and limited I’ve excluded it almost completely. But the internet does way more for me because, in these conditions of distance, another thing that would be affected without it would be my.. (I’ll call it for now) identity.. and this not only for the ones I can’t keep in touch directly and even more not only in a personal matter but also professionally, but also very much keeping track and understanding – expressing and evolving my identity for my self.

Why do i think this? Because I find a thought very valuable, even more a thought written extends it’s value and remains to complete further thoughts precisely thus actually evolving, and even more, a thought shared is even a greater value.Now I know that many thoughts can have different values sliding from positive to negative but sharing them can only be good because, beyond the actual update about it’s author, it also can make the receivers be aware of a new information or even better a new value or by the wonderful possibility of interaction upon ones thought (comments) the author can learn if the values in his thought are true or false or can learn more value in it. The possibilities are endless.Otherwise I often look upon technology news from sites like NY Times, All things Digital (Wall Street Journal), and others, and so I came upon this interesting article “Apple vs. Microsoft vs. Linux: Good vs. Evil and Do You Really Care?” and from which I found a link to another article”Recognising Good And Evil” which is on a site in which I’m personally going to go trough the links inside it and actually is what I just had to share and got all the lines above in the process.A piece of an article from this site, “The Retreat From Reason“:

“Prejudice, a desire to accept a belief for personal reasons, is a very powerful threat to comprehension. It will not only prevent an idea being considered but also corrupt the ability of our senses to detect evidence to the contrary.”

Edit: in this article I found, at the paragraph Absurd Results Of Silly Laws the statement “Prejudice is part of the human condition; to attempt to correct it by legislation is to enter into fantasy” supported by the following case:

On November 27/11/95, Samuels Real Estate Pty Ltd of Dubbo, central NSW, was ordered to pay $6,000 damages to an aboriginal woman who was told the firm had no flats available. This was moments before her white friend was offered a flat. In its decision the NSW Equal Opportunity Tribunal found that the firm unlawfully discriminated against 31 years old Jennifer Lamb on August 16th, 1993. This penalty is the result of the anti-discrimination legislation, the existence of which is undeniable evidence that the community is stupid.

To this paragraph I find an exaggeration, or at least an important overlook, upon great importance of such ways (as the law) that can “make” the people coexist with and consider each-other in-spite of their prejudice. Of-course I agree that maybe it should not be as penalties such as in the case which is indeed sort of abomination. Still, racial differences and discriminations, actually any kinds of discriminations should be corrected and solutions included in the law (but indeed reason should be minded) and programs and such to make a more valuable line between where one is discriminating and making personal choice of own concern, like it makes sense to refuse a different skin colored person a service for the same reason you would refuse a same skin color person (and you better mention that reason or you could get misunderstood), but it’s not ok to refuse services to a person which only differs the color of the skin from another person whom you would accept. Personally i think it’s bad image and business, lack of reason and ethic values, and much more. This is serious and unfortunately those that feel and act this way need a little push to get them to a stage where they have to at least “try” to consider their prejudice or at least “try” to get use to the idea that it’s consider bad and will affet it’s image in society and possibly suffer penalties.

i and the UI history (second try)

The first thing I remember is, when I started the machine, I had gotten what was then for me a blank screen with a possible error. Thus I had a sudden feeling of guilt – as I might have broken it, and also because I think I had sneaked in the room to play with the computer too. So you can imagine the slight feeling of panic that came upon me at the moment. It was DOS.. And I had no idea what happened so I quickly turned it back off and left the room in silence.
The second time i was a bit smarter, I saw my brother type a command which made it all start and then appeared “Windows” .. So next time I tried: maybe the command is “windows”! No.. maybe “start windows”? .. maybe “go windows” (i remembered something with an “o”) .. maybe .. oh, I gave up.
But the next time my brother turned it on i looked carefully to see what he did for the machine to work and saw it! “”! And as I typed that command the third time, before me, on that 14″ full of colour 640×480 monitor I finally saw “Windows 3.1” – Yes! Victory!

i and the UI history

I had an attempt.. which got stumbled on lack of whatever.. it had good intentions.. I guess. I left the try beneath..

It started from this: (even more details then “Pirates of Silicon Valley” with add-ons from people behind the curtain)
Microsoft, Apple and XeroxThe History of the Graphical User Interface

I’ve started my PC experience with a 386 computer, with 1Mb of RAM a quarter of a Mb video on board, running Ms DOS and Windows 3.1
That computer was meant for my my brother who actually knew something about it and was starting high-school in a computer science oriented class. I wasn’t yet in my teens and knew pretty much no more English than okay, are you ok?, no, good or some language similarities like start, stop, button, install and maybe others.
Maybe I had heard about it or saw something on tv which at that time i have no idea how much I had understood, but there it was and so I’ve started to see and understand the hardware and software theory thing, the operating system thing. I’ve started to get into settings, installing, personalizing and strangely enough only later editing and later on starting to ponder about the creating part.