the long arm of creativity

I’m thinking of keeping “ARM” as the label of my gallery and projects.

It started as a personal fool-around as these are our initials but I started to like it and now am thinking of transforming it into “ARM – the long arm of creativity” (diverging from “the long arm of justice, and later to play with it like “lending a helping arm” and maybe even visual play like with Michelangelo’s ‘Creation of Adam’ ( ).

I’d license this in the states too (if it isn’t already) but have no ways or funds or knowledge of the necessary for getting anywhere near to it.
Anyone in interested in such a professional adventure?

Here’s the dream behind it: building an international multimedia / advertising studio where creatives collaborate and are offered opportunities, as I could use one now, this studio would offer intern-ship opportunities and several scholarships to people that are talented but with financial / social difficulties, maybe even courses and/or motivational creative contests.

It seams now like a long way to the end of the tunnel I seam to be in, but here it is.

Hmm, i did not think of creative commons for this idea. I wonder if this post could count as evidence of initiative. Could it?
Here’s a ( c )  :-)

But actually, the more studios or agencies would do this the better, probably some already do and that’s great, congratulations! So the creative common would be for “the long arm of creativity”, now that’s a keeper.

2 thoughts on “the long arm of creativity”

  1. “internship opportunities and several scholarships to people that are talented but with financial / social difficulties”

    This works all the time if the intern accepts to work for free or at very low $/h.
    We do it all the time and from 20-30 persons, we kept 1, but that 1 is tested and compatible with what we want.
    It’s VERY hard to hire good people.

    Well… to ARM’s success!

  2. Yes, that is pretty much how it works, but the objective would be not as much to hire but to offer opportunities for gaining experience and making connections.

    “To ARM’s !” that’s a good one too, from the “to arms!” as in to weapons and armor command to defend or attack.

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