forget me nots – series – late prologue

I wrote on twitter, recently, a memo that was meant for my self more then anything. It was like this:

” Forget-me nots. Ep.1 (i prefer the w3c one) W3C_and_Internet_Explorer_box_models.png

and that made the first of what I’m thinking of making a series of important memos and also lessons learned the hard way which should not be forgotten.

Up next, when I’ll have some time, will be three episodes:

“Forget Me Nots Ep. 2 – Keep it Short / Simple !!”

“Forget Me Nots Ep. 3 – Proofreading, proofreading, proofreading !!”

“Forget Me Nots Ep.4 – Don’t hurry!! Take the time!”

I know it’s a good idea to do this series for my self, maybe not only for my self. Do drop any feedback, thanks.