caracterul mioritic românesc..

Uneori e foarte deprimant să te gândeşti la România.

Mă uitam la câteva secvențe din interviul cu Adrian Sobaru şi m-am întrebat cum este văzut aceast fapt în-afară, cum este văzută România prin prisma acestui fapt. M-am oprit asupra unui articol in NewYork Post.

Articolul se termina astfel:

“The first line was a reference to President Traian Basescu, who upon winning the presidential race in 2009 said “I’ve pierced them,” using a well-known line from a Romanian movie.

As emergency medical workers took him out on a stretcher, Sobaru shouted “Freedom!” ,  echoing cries of the 1989 fall of communism in which more than 1,300 people died. Romanians are commemorating the 21st anniversary of the uprising in which authorities shot unarmed protesters.”

Un comentariu zice:

“Obviously, no Post reader understands anything about Romania. There was no “revolution”–the corrupt commies got rid of the dictator and continued with business as usual. They export food and let their own people starve. Little has changed. I wish Americans were as passionate as this guy, but they just bend over for the rich and the criminals–usually one in the same.”