real age

I think I might be on to something for why I’m so

adjective: clumsy, awkward, ungainly, uncouth, gawky, unwieldy, unskilful, lubberly, maladroit, splay, lumpish, artless, hulking, loose, bearish, left-handed

socially. I think it’s because people tent to treat me by my physical age or apparent age. But please, for more efficiency try figuring I’m sometimes 6 years old and other times 17 years old, it will all make sense then. It sure seams that way now.

just a 6 years old with a job and a debit card… world beware

This is not to get me of the hook of social responsibilities, job, taxes, hygiene, environment, social / cultural / moral context. But a perspective that might help both sides, me and everyone else make more of my myself, my potential creativity and any other technical and what ever kind of capabilities I might have